Are Oreos Vegan? The Truth Behind Milk’s Favorite Cookie

There’s no doubt that Oreo cookies are delicious…

But are they vegan? Can people on a vegan diet eat Oreos?

The short answer is yes, Oreos are vegan. However, there’s more to the story that you might want to know if you care about animals, the environment, and your own health.

Keep reading to learn more!

Are Oreos Vegan

Oreos Ingredients List

Inside every Oreo cookie, you’ll see the following ingredients:

None of these ingredients have animal products, such as milk or eggs. That should mean Oreos are safe for vegans to eat; an “accidentally vegan” food. However…

Are Oreos Vegan?

Despite not containing animal products, the Oreo company says on their FAQ page that Oreos are not vegan, stating: “Oreos have milk as cross contact and therefore are not suitable for vegans.”

In other words, they’re not made with animal products in the recipe, but because there’s milk in the factories where Oreos are made, Oreo can’t claim to be vegan-friendly.

So Can Vegans Eat Oreos?

Most products are made in a factory that contain animal products. So does a trace amount of milk or other animal product make something definitively not vegan?

To answer this question, let’s turn to PETA, the world’s leading experts on animal protection. Here’s what they believe about this conundrum:

“Some packaged foods have a long list of ingredients. The farther an ingredient is down the list, the less of that ingredient is in the food. People who have made the compassionate decision to stop eating animal flesh, eggs, and dairy products may wonder if they need to read every ingredient to check for tiny amounts of obscure animal products. 

Our general advice is not to worry too much… The goal of sticking to a vegetarian or vegan diet is to help animals and reduce suffering; this is done by choosing a bean burrito or a veggie burger over chicken flesh, or choosing tofu scramble over eggs, not by refusing to eat an otherwise vegan food because it has 0.001 grams of monoglycerides that may possibly be animal-derived.”

So, yes—vegans can eat Oreos if that’s what they choose.

You CAN Eat Them... But Should You?

Just because Oreos are vegan, doesn’t mean they’re healthy for you or even ethical to produce.

Oreos contain palm oil, which is a huge problem for the planet and for animals. Palm tree and other agriculture farms are the second highest cause of rain forest deforestation after cattle ranching.(1)

To make matters worse, all the palm trees being grown are removing the natural habitat for many rain forest animals, especially the orangutan. These giant monkeys are under threat of extinction thanks to palm oil farms. (2)

Borneo Orangutan Rescue

Oreo cookies may also come into contact with animal products, such as milk, in the factory. However, it’s impossible to know which (if any) come into contact with them, since the machines can be used for multiple products. 

Finally, Oreos contain high fructose corn syrup, which has been linked to an increased risk of many serious diseases including obesity, diabetes, heart disease and cancer. (34) So it’s up to you whether you want to eat them or not!

That said, the occasional Oreo isn’t going to kill you. If you want to enjoy one once in a while, go for it! Just don’t make them a staple part of your diet if you want to maintain your health.

Easy Vegan Oreo Cookie Recipe

Want a vegan Oreo that doesn’t contain palm oil, high fructose corn syrup, or other yucky ingredients like soy lecithin?

We’ve got you covered!

Click here for a vegan Oreo cookies recipe you can easily make in your home kitchen (so you don’t have to worry about bad ingredients or cross contact with milk!).

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