Are Donuts Vegan? How to Order OR Make Vegan Donuts

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While some donuts are indeed vegan, the majority of donuts are not vegan. Unfortunately, many donut recipes (and other breads) contain animal products such as milk and eggs. However, it’s totally possible to make vegan donuts at home, or even buy them from certain stores! Today, I share 5 vegan donut recipes and where to buy […]

Are Oreos Vegan? The Truth Behind Milk’s Favorite Cookie

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There’s no doubt that Oreos are delicious… But are Oreos vegan? Can people on a vegan diet eat Oreos? The short answer is yes, Oreos are vegan. However, there’s more to the story that you might want to know if you care about animals, the environment, and your own health. Keep reading to learn more! […]

Are Bagels & Breads Vegan? 30+ Vegan-Friendly Options You Can Buy At The Store (Plus Gluten-Free Options)

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Are bagels vegan? As long as they don’t contain any animal products commonly used to make bread (such as milk or eggs), bagels are vegan! In fact, there are many store-bought vegan bagel and bread brands you can buy at nearly any grocery store or supermarket. I’ll share some of my favorites, as well as […]

Why Go Vegan? 9 Reasons to Go Vegan in 2019 (Backed by Research)

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Wondering what veganism is all about and why people are doing it? We share 9 reasons to go Vegan this year, plus how to avoid the common pitfalls of a plant-based diet!