Hi, there! I'm Kayla 🙂

About My Recipes

First, let me thank you for joining me on this journey – I’m so glad to have you here! 

Over the last five years I’ve been creating, testing, and perfecting the recipes you’ll find on this site. 

I like to think of myself as having an 90-10 diet – 90% plant-based and 10% poultry, fish, and eggs.

I was vegan for about six months and, while I’m not vegan currently, most of the dishes I make are plant-based.

One thing I do try to stay away from is dairy – so you’ll usually see me using almond, oat, or flax milk for my recipes (and plant-based butter for baking).

If you have any recipe requests, questions, or just want to say “Hi!”, check out my contact page here. Talk to you soon ✌️💖